Introducing the All-Electric Nissan LEAF

January 24th, 2019 by

The new Nissan LEAF appeals to people seriously considering breaking free from traditional fuel options. Easy to charge in town or at home, the LEAF travels farther than previous models and offers the chance to boost power. See the 2019 Nissan LEAF models by visiting our Uniontown facility.

The versatile LEAF enables owners to recharge the vehicle in one of three ways. Invest in an in-home charging station that derives power from a typical 240-volt outlet. Get a quick charge from a public charging station. Or, in a pinch, plug the car into a traditional household outlet.

When fully charged using the recommended charging station, the LEAF operates for up to 7.5 hours or 150 miles. Quick charge the vehicle for 30 minutes to have the ability to travel up to 90 miles. Leaving the vehicle on the charger for 40 minutes recharges the battery to 80 percent capacity. Test drive a Nissan LEAF at Tri-Star Nissan.

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Source: Tri-Star Nissan

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