What Is Good Mileage For A Used Car?

odometer displaying higher mileage on used car


When shopping for a used car, you have to look at its physical and mechanical features. You’ll also want to check its mileage. We would consider a used car under 100,000 miles a good investment, but that varies on a variety of factors. For example, if the vehicle has been considerably maintained, it still could be a good buy. Other factors when shopping for a used vehicle usually include location, condition, and usage. Learn more about these features with Tri-Star Nissan below!

The Smart Way to Shop for a Used Car

Here are some additional features to consider when shopping for a new car:

  • Usage – A car that has racked up 75,000 miles in traffic will generally wear down sooner than one that has driven 75,000 miles on the open highway. Make sure that you get the previous owner’s driving history before you buy.
  • Location – The value of a used vehicle can depend on whether it’s been driven in a warmer climate with smoother roads than one driven in a colder wetter environment. 
  • Condition – Have a mechanic at Tri-Star Nissan near Pittsburgh check if the vehicle has issues such as rust that need to be tended to.
  • Maintenance – Check the maintenance history to see if it has been kept up to date on routine services such as oil changes. If the vehicle has been poorly maintained it might be a poor long-term investment.

Choosing a Used Car Based on Mileage

It’s wise to consider how much mileage you’ll get out of a used car. If a used car has 50,000 miles and seems to be working pretty well, then it’s likely a good buy. However, a used vehicle with 100,000 could last you up to four years if competently maintained. Typically the average driver clocks about 12,000 miles a year, so keep that in mind when comparing mileage vs. age.

Mileage vs. Age 

There are many variables that could make a newer vehicle with high mileage a better option than a low-mileage older car. Here are some options to take into consideration when weighing mileage vs. age: 

  • A car that hasn’t been driven regularly will often have higher repair costs due to mechanical issues with rubber seals and gaskets. 
  • A vehicle with a well-documented maintenance history is generally preferable.
  • Low mileage vehicles often will cost more.

A Certified Pre-Owned model could be worth considering as it is a mixture of being like-new and low mileage while being used. 

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We at Tri-Star Nissan have a wide range of used vehicles to match your needs, desires, and budget. You can also check out some of our used vehicle specials or contact us if you have any questions!

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